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Stonehouse Gardening Club is affiliated to the RHS.

The Stonehouse Gardening Club (SGC) is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

SGC goes on trips to famous gardens, such as Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire, and our members can request topics that interest them for the talks. We get 30% discount on Sutton Seeds. We aim for hands-on know-how. 

Membership fee: £17.50 (annual)
Visitor fee: £3.00

Also, if you like, you can be involved in the winter wildlife garden. We have planted and care for a winter wildlife plot on Station Road Stonehouse. Developed originally in March 2017 to support the Stonehouse-in-Bloom completion entry, the concept is to provide year-round colour, plus food and shelter for birds and insects. Featured in the picture here, the shrubs include Winter flowering Honeysuckle, Mahonia Charity, Cyclamen , Viburnum, Purple Berberis plus winter Heathers and Snowdrops.

Winter Wildlife Plot on Station Road Stonehouse

Stonehouse Gardening Club offers a 30% discount on Sutton’s seeds.