Learning about Lawns

The club’s resident guru, Austen Perkins gave a talk about managing lawns. Starting with, “Grow the grass and you’ll smother the moss,” Austen gave us some advice: Feed the grass in spring and don’t mow too close. When the grass is long, set the blades for a higher cut and then mow again lower after…

My secret veg patch

We’ve lived in our house for 44years. My husband continually complained how untidy the veg patch was and how it spoilt the otherwise lovely garden and said that it would look so much better put down to grass. I refused to do this until five years ago when he was excavating the front garden and…

Garden wars

Soapy water will not destroy an aphid infestation. So what can gardeners do to protect plants?

Cutting edge plant propagation

Club members recently spent an evening learning how to easily and efficiently propagate plants from cuttings. Here are some things we learnt.

Speaking of bumblebees

Bumblebees, unlike honeybees, will nest in your garden area because they don’t live in permanent colonies.

Taking care of fuchsias

There are more than 3,000 fuchsia varieties and most of the species originate from the forests of Central and South America. They vary from shrubs to small trees.