Garden grown: Eggs and bacon

Phil Chard and his wife took up keeping chickens in late 2017. Their reasons?

  1. Tastier and less cholesterol-full eggs
  2. Green slug and snail killers
  3. Manure for the garden
  4. A glut of eggs

They achieved the first two, but not the others. However, they thoroughly enjoy the entertainment value of chickens, who although not the brightest of creatures are very watchable. The problem is that Phil and Sue are vegetarian, the chickens have stopped laying, but are still with them. The unexpected plus side is that the chickens eat the ants!

Paola and Jon keep pigs for 4 months each year. Choosing the Oxford Sandy and Blue breed as friendly all-rounders, they faced far more regulations and costs than for hens. This includes basic permission and training, food, transport, fencing and abattoir fees. The result?

  1. Delicious pork
  2. Good fun
  3. Friendly pets
  4. The best diggers around!

Words by Cherry Foster

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