Gardening Goal 2019: Waste Not

New Year’s resolutions for gardeners: use up the things you’d usually bin!

Got spare apples? Juice them or desiccate them.

Deadheading and weeding? Shred and then compost the lot in a hot heap
apart from bindweed and dock or thistle roots.
Try the no-dig technique. This is to avoid compacting the soil. Lay comfrey and compost onto the earth instead.

Slugs and snails?
Encourage birds, toads, frogs and hedgehogs for a balanced
ecological solution to these garden pests.

Watering? Get water butts – as many as possible!

These tips are from Amanda Godber, when she came to the Stonehouse Gardening Club to talk about the Shape of Gardening in the Future.

Words by Cherry Foster

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