Member Gardens

Gardeners, whether experts or beginners, very keen or just mildly curious, they all love to poke around other people’s gardens looking for ideas, to share their own experiences, or perhaps to compare their own gardening with what other people in the area are doing. As for those generously opening their gardens to scrutiny, they get a lot out of it too. They hope for tips, advice, and feedback. Three of the gardens are described here below, the Victorian House Garden, the Garden for All Seasons, and the Laburnum Walk Garden.

1. Victorian House Garden

Attached to a Victorian mill owner’s house, this garden is walled, with an original terrace, two ponds, a new orchard, a veg plot, a small wildflower patch and several lawns. The owners try to be wildlife friendly in their choice of plants, and manage the garden organically.

2. A Garden for all seasons

A small garden, yet it contains a variety of flowering plants throughout the seasons, alpine troughs, and also auriculars.

3. Laburnum Walk Garden

Small, long and skinny, and very awkwardly shaped, this garden had to be carefully designed.  The brick and cobble featured here in the photograph was a DIY project completed over a few weekends. Landscaping the garden is still in progress, with only half of the interconnected circular paths laid.

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